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Are you missing something essential,
to fully live your true nature?

You are seasoned in personal growth work, and have sufficiently addressed much of the emotional and psychological pain of your past, have grown more adept with relationships and career path, yet something is missing. You are frustrated with recurring patterns that haven’t served you and continue to create inner and outer dissonance and polarization.

You are on an edge between the necessity to belong and the absolute soul imperative to be your authentic self. Perhaps you haven’t discovered yet the shape of your own true nature or need resources to express it out loud and live it.

Working on a problem from the level on which the problem was created tends to keep you spinning endlessly in too-limited stories. Underneath the stories is your true nature that is like a soul blueprint for your life. You can move beyond your limitations and create a systemic shift in service to living a powerful and soul-focused life. To do this, you need guidance, practices, tools, and support from a larger field than your individual self.

IMG_4199Through Northwest Soulquest programs we offer this support. At the core of all of our offerings is an orientation toward mystery, knowing that the bedrock of an ever-deepening connection to soul is essential. Another key component is experiential engagement with nature and alignment with the cycles and seasons, including the nature of your own body.

You are an integral part of a system that is deeper and broader that just your human identity. Northwest Soulquest offerings collaborate with this larger field and empower you to reclaim and embody what has been missing. In so doing, you will be able, as a mature human, to contribute effectively to the urgent needs of the world at this time.

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We honor the people and Nations––past, present and future––of the Coast Salish Tribes,
including the Snohomish, the Lower Skagit, and the Swinomish Peoples,
upon whose traditional lands and shores this work takes place.
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