FireKeepers at the Crossroads

A 5-Month Hybrid Program,
With both In-person
and On-line Components

April through September, 2022
  (See below for dates and schedule)

                                      with Sheila Bélanger and Anne Hayden

Visionary FireKeepers at the Crossroads
is designed to guide and support a cohort of multi-cultural humans committed
to serve as catalysts to the necessary radical transformations in our world.

To be an effective FireKeeper for the collective, you must first become adept at stewarding
your own inner fire at your personal crossroads.
This is a soul-level process of tempering your cells
to be able to bear the heat as an embodied keeper of the sacred flame.

With the global crisis of this ongoing pandemic, overlaid on top of the climate crisis, systemic racial and class injustice, political upheaval, and immense suffering caused by worldwide inequities, we are at a crossroads of never–before-seen–magnitude. As humans, we find ourselves wrestling with a collective coldness of the heart, where our individual polarizing fears, trauma and pain cause us to close off our hearts to ourselves, others and the larger world.

Yet many of us who resonate as visionaries recognize that we are all in this together. In the places where our world is cold, it’s time to build the sacred fires of interconnection, not only for our human species, but for all the more–than–humans who share this planet with us and indeed support our very life on it.

Firekeepers at the Crossroads is a 5-month program
based on the wisdom of nature
and aligned with the archetypal pattern of the journey of soul initiation.
Like our other offerings, this is a highly experiential program
immersed in ancient and enduring earth-based ways of knowing,
the poetic traditions, and initiatory rites.
It is informed by Process Work, Soulcraft™ practices, depth psychology
and contemporary anti-oppression practices.

Firekeepers at the Crossroads is designed for people called to cultivate their unique contributions to radical cultural shifts. Participants have a readiness to embody and give out the vibrancy of their soul depths. They have successfully done enough of their own personal healing work with wounds and shadow material to allow them to be available to work in co-creation with the collective field in service to the world. The program is not primarily designed for personal healing work (although it is often one of the benefits).

Visionary FireKeepers at the Crossroads program includes:

    • An initial 3-day retreat on South Whidbey Island, Washington to support each person to deepen into the shape of their unique expression of being a fire-keeper
      at the crossroads in their personal life.
    • Seven online fire circles for participants to share and bear witness to one anothers’ unfolding journey. The guides will support each person to stretch, challenge and deepen their individual soul-enhancing work.
    • Two individual mentorships with one of the guides in support of their edge-work as a fire-keeper.
    • A final 4-day camping retreat on Whidbey Island, Washington to support each person to embody their unique soul expression of being a visionary fire-keeper at the cultural crossroads.


In-Person Retreat #1:
April 28–May 1, 2022

Begins on Thursday, April 28, at 1 pm, and ends on Sunday, May 1 at 1 pm. 

In-Person Retreat #2:
September 22–25, 2022
Begins on Thursday, September 22 at 10 am and ends on Sunday,
September 25 at noon.

On-Line Fire Circles:
May 22, June 5, June 19, July 10, July 24, August 7, August 28
All take place on Sundays, from 4 6 pm

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INNER WORK PREREQUISITE: This program is appropriate for those who have engaged with a significant amount of inner work and soul-oriented processes.

APPLICATION:  Enrollment is by application. To download an application,
click here. After we receive your application, we’ll schedule a phone or video call with you. For more information,  contact: 

SLIDING SCALE FEE:  $1,235 to $2,470 (includes all fees for two in-person retreats with meals, two mentorships and 7 online circles.)

We acknowledge the challenges of economic inequity in our culture and purposely set a wide sliding scale fee structure. We invite participants who have the financial means to pay on the upper end of the sliding scale, in support of others who need to pay on the lower end. Reparation rates available for BIPOC.  Creative payment plans are also available. Please contact us.

Once your application has been approved, we will send you a registration form.  Please return it with your non-refundable deposit of $350 to hold your space.

Three options to pay:

    • Send a check, payable to Anne Hayden, mail to:
      NW Soul Quest  •  PO Box 181  •  Clinton, WA 98236
    • Pay via PayPal using our email address as the payee:
      Please add 3% fee for PayPal transactions.
    • Pay via Zelle by using our email address as the payee:  (Direct bank transfer, no fees.)


The first in-person retreat is held at a retreat center on South Whidbey Island with 100 acres of wild land. Camping is available in meadow and wooded settings, and we’ll primarily be meeting, cooking and eating outside.  Indoor spaces are available in case of inclement weather.  For an extra fee of $50/night, indoor lodging in single rooms is available.

The final in-person retreat is an all-camping session held at a group campground with privacy and plenty of wild space to wander in.  No indoor lodging available for this retreat. You will need a tent, sleeping bag and minimal camping equipment for camping.

FOOD:  Locally sourced, fresh, primarily plant-based meals provided, with protein added. We can accommodate these dietary needs:  vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and/or dairy free.

CURRENT COVID PROTOCOL: We ask that participants be fully vaccinated and be willing to follow the Federal, State, and County guidelines in place when the program takes place. Our venues offer the possibility to hold all meetings outside.

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Contact us for more information or an application:

(360) 320-5343    •

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We honor the people––past, present and future––of the Coast Salish Tribes:
the Snohomish, the Lower Skagit, the S’Klallam peoples, and the Confederated Tribes of the Tulalip Reservation,
upon whose traditional lands and shores this work takes place.