Follow Your Longing

Follow Your Longing into the West:
Muse, Beloved and the Shadow

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The sun sets in the West: often brief and fiery colors spread out across the sky and cooling winds pass over the land. We feel the passage-way, a transitional moment between day and night that we must pass through. Soon the land is muted; our human eyes can discern neither colors nor shapes, and a cape of darkness covers us all. The West is a time of Mystery, when we learn to see with other senses, when our imagination offers phantoms and shapes that become other-than what they have been. Our emotions quicken.

The human experience in the West of the psyche mirrors the West of the Earth. If we are not distracted by screens and bright lights, we might experience a muted awareness of the external world, and a tendency to go inward at dusk, feeling a downward pull into the realm of deeper meanings and mysterious images.  We might give ourselves to other ways of perceiving, through journeys into intangible worlds, or traveling to embodied dream landscapes. We might get a tap on the shoulder from our inner Muse, and feel compelled to create what is ours alone to create. In the West, the inner Beloved might court us with mysterious shapes and signals. Though we might experience “West-like” phenomena more strongly at different stages of life, the West is always a part of us. Particular practices can help us pass through those West thresholds and engage with our inner Muse-Beloved.


In the West, too, is the Shadow, that part of us that we don’t identify with, and which we may have spent considerable time and energy marginalizing. The Shadow terrifies us until we turn and face it. West practices encourage us to engage with the Shadow and find there some treasures that can revitalize our entire existence.


Join us for a potent, two-day expedition to the West of our psyches. With curiosity and compassion, we’ll explore these realms with particular practices from both Soulcraft and Process Work, which might include:

  • Deep Imagery journeys
  • Soul-centric dream-work
  • Beneath Polarity exercises
  • Solitary immersions in the Wild with the Other-than-humans
  • Council with other humans
  • Artistic expressions
  • Soul poetry
  • Other mysterious, spontaneous experiences


SCHEDULE: If in person:  TBA
If online:
     Saturday:  9:30 am to 5:30 pm PT, with evening suggestions
     Sunday: 9:30 am to 3:00 pm PT

There will be significant breaks during the day to get off the screen and into the other-than-human world. Please be prepared to dedicate the whole two days to this program, as the “break” times are intended to be opportunities for your individual experiential work in nature, journaling, or other ways of deepening, and for self-care and meals.

Enrollment is by application.  Click here to apply. When we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll send you a registration email, and an easy way to pay online.

In acknowledgement that these economic times and systemic injustices have created vast disparities of available resources for people, we offer a three-tiered fee for the Follow Your Longing Program: $150, $250 or $350.  When you register, you’ll be able to choose the fee that best suits your financial situation. Please let us know if you need a different fee structure.  Our policy is that no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Full refund minus $50 administration fee if your registration is cancelled 7 days before program begins.
No refund if your registration is cancelled within 7 days of beginning of program.

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We honor the people––past, present and future––of the Coast Salish Tribes,
the Tulalip, Snohomish, Skagit, and S’Klallam,

upon whose traditional lands and waters we live and work.