Soul in Nature

Soul in Nature: Cultivating a Reciprocal Relationship with the Animate World

April 26 to 28, 2019
Story House at Whidbey Institute on South Whidbey Island, WA

Sliding Fee: $295–$695 (includes camping fees and all meals)

with Sheila Belanger and Anne Hayden



“‘Spirituality’ as we conceive it, is the apprehension of the sacred, the holy, the divine. In our modern world we see matter and spirit as antithetical, but our myths reveal a different understanding. They describe a world permeated by spirit.

“Many have believed in an animated, inhabited, sacred world surrounding them, the natural world that constitutes reality. These beliefs restore our sense of belonging, of being-with, which is threatened by our dividing, conquering brain; they provide us with rules and rituals for restoring harmony, for reentering and celebrating the world we are a part of.”

~David Suzuki

Ancient earth-based peoples carried a worldview that everything is alive, animate and soulful and that we all live in a web of interconnection and reciprocal relationship. What would it be like to live daily in relationship with stones, trees, rain, squirrels and even tea kettles, knowing and experiencing their capacity to relate with their own particular kind of aliveness and presence?

You are an integral part of a system that is deeper and broader that just your human identity. The Soul in Nature program supports you to cultivate a reciprocal relationship with Nature and Other-Than-Human beings. This contributes to the urgent needs of the world at this pivotal phase of personal and collective relationship dilemmas.  This program offers guidance, practices, tools, and support from a larger field than your individual self.

Like our other offerings, this camping program is highly experiential and is informed by Process Work  and Soulcraft™ practices, as well as modern depth psychology. It invites participants to immerse themselves in ancient and enduring earth-based ways of knowing, the poetic traditions, and initiatory rites. You’ll explore these core practices:

      • Communication and direct relationship with Nature and Mystery
      • Ceremonial council and the building of community
      • Movement and somatic exercises
      • Diverse ways of knowing
      • Deep imagery journeys
      • Rhythm, silence, songs, poetry, and artistic expression


REGISTRATION:  Enrollment is by brief application. Click here to download the application. Email your application to: We’ll contact you to confirm enrollment.

FEES: The program sliding scale fee is $295–$695. We acknowledge the challenges of economic inequity in our culture and purposely set a wide sliding scale fee. We invite participants who have the financial means to pay on the upper end of the sliding scale in support of others who need to pay on the lower end of the sliding scale. Once your enrollment is confirmed, to reserve your place, send a non-refundable deposit of $200. 

  • Mail a check, payable to Northwest Soulquest, to:
    NW Soul Quest  •  PO Box 181  •  Clinton, WA 98236
  • Pay via PayPal using our email address as the payee: Please add 3% fee for Pay Pal transactions.

LOCATION: This program takes place at the Story House camping meadow on the lands of Whidbey Institute. You will need a tent and sleeping bag and minimal camping equipment.  Our meeting space is at the Story House (which has a living room with wood stove, electric heat, and a kitchenette). All group gear provided.

FOOD:  Locally sourced, fresh meals provided.  These food restrictions can be accommodated:  vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. You may need to supplement for other specific food needs.  Please specify your dietary restrictions or needs when you register.

SCHEDULE: Program begins at 7 pm on Friday, with a simple dinner available at 5:30 pm.  Check in available starting at 4:30 pm. Program ends at 3:00 pm. on Sunday.

TRANSPORTATION:  The SeaTac Shuttle will take you from Sea-Tac airport near Seattle to Whidbey Island.  Please contact us before making a reservation.

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Contact us for more information or to register:

(360) 320-5343    •

“When you really see the truth of things, you realize life is a net where all forms of life are connected. This net is the only thing that is important. Indigenous people always feel and express gratitude for being part of this net of life.”

~Manari Ushigua, leader of the Sápara Nation