Soul in Service

Soul in Service:
Living the Vitality of the Journey

with Sheila Belanger and Anne Hayden

August 19–23, 2020
Group Campground near Chehalis, Washington

Sliding Fee: $450-$750

Perhaps the most difficult part of the soul journey is to cultivate the capacity to embody the mysterious essence of your own soul-deep nature. On your quest or during a significant turning point in your life, you may have encountered images, a name, or a felt sense of what your soul is up to. How do you keep sourcing your ordinary life with that mysterious essence? How do you avoid the traps of previous routines, ruts, addictions and the magnetic pull to keep rehearsing your old identity?

This immersion camping program supports you to continue to nurture the vitality of your soul story and to take the next steps for living its wild and vibrant beauty into your personal and professional life.

The guides of Northwest Soulquest feel an urgent responsibility to support participants  who have undertaken Vision Fasts, year-long immersions, or significant programs with NWSQ, Animas Valley Institute and other soul-centered wilderness guides, to carry the essence and gift of their soul journeys into their every-day lives – with passion, joy, dedication, and vitality. 

Madrona ChinookThe human-centered world is in a profoundly challenging time of crisis/opportunity. A radical shift in the deep structure of our human participation is the vital link that can bring about cultural transformation, in service to engendering wholeness in the human and more-than-human worlds.  From this perspective, the every-day enactment of our essential core gift, unfolded through soul-discovery processes, is of utmost importance.

Using Process Work and advanced Soulcraft™ practices and other experiential processes, we’ll invite participants to consider their everyday lives as a practice field where soul gifts are passionately embodied.


REGISTRATION:  Pre-requisite is a previous Wild Soul Quest, Vision Fast or participation in significant programs with NWSQ or Animas Valley Institute. To apply, click here to download the application and return it to us at  We will contact you and arrange a call via Zoom or phone to help determine if this program is a match for you.

SLIDING SCALE FEE: $450–$750.  After we have accepted your application, reserve your place by sending a non-refundable deposit of $250 with the registration form that we’ll provide. Two ways to send your deposit:

    • Mail a check, payable to Northwest Soulquest, to:
      NW Soulquest  •  PO Box 181  •  Clinton, WA 98236
    • Pay via PayPal using our email address as the payee: Please add 3% fee for Pay Pal transactions.

LOCATION: This program takes place at a park in a group campsite near an old-growth cedar forest. You will need a tent and sleeping bag and minimal camping equipment.  All group gear provided. We will send a list of what to bring after you register.

FOOD:  Locally sourced, fresh meals provided.  We can accommodate the following dietary needs:  vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free.  Please specify your dietary needs when you register.

SCHEDULE:    Program begins at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, with a simple dinner available at 5:30.  Program ends at 12:30 pm on Sunday.

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Contact us for more information or to apply for the program:

(360) 320-5343    •