The Elder Within

Cultivate the Conditions for Your Elder to Thrive

August 24-27, 2023
In-person on South Whidbey Island, WA

[Program is full.  Contact us if you want to be on the waiting list.]

Three-tier fee: $425 • $550 • $695
(includes camping fees and all meals)

with Sheila Bélanger and Anne Hayden

The human-centered world has been immersed in a profound, collective initiation.
What now, we ask?

We need the Elders!

The Covid-19 pandemic brought our ordinary lives to a slow and persistent pause, challenging us to see beyond our individual lives and to feel the truth of the inter-connectedness between all humans and with other-than-humans.  Covid is helping us grow our awareness and compassion for the “other,” and to recognize the need for a vast and total cultural transformation. The pandemic has exposed the underbelly of humanity, making visible systemic racism, poverty, white supremacy and domination, gender inequity, the global climate crisis, political polarization, mass spread of misinformation, “culture wars,” and so much more.

Going back to the “old normal” is not possible for those who have lived in the deep layers of this initiation, and long for a collective movement where all Beings may thrive. A radical shift in the deep structure of our human participation is the vital link that can bring about such a cultural transformation.

For this, we need elders who can contribute their life wisdom and sacred
to the necessary radical shifts.

Just as we carry within us an Inner Child who needs to be nurtured and sometimes healed, so we also carry an Inner Elder whose presence is always there to guide us with a soul blueprint.

Cultivating the conditions for the Inner Elder
to thrive contributes directly to the urgent needs
of the world at this pivotal time,
more than anything else imaginable.

Opening to the unique wisdom and character of our own Inner Elder is beyond anything that can be learned through ordinary channels. Books, articles, podcasts and webinars can only take us so far. Our invitation for this gathering is to:

    • Submit ourselves to the alchemy of consciousness shifting practices
    • Follow the pathways of the deep imagination
    • Encourage curiously pertinent dream experiences to work on us
    • Track the cairns laid down by our souls on the path to Elderhood
    • Hone practices to develop our capacity for equity and inclusion
    • Discover and commit to one’s authentic expression as an Elder

This nature-patterned program offers guidance, practices, tools, and support from a larger field than your individual self or the wisdom of the guides.
The invitation for reciprocal relationship with the other-than-human world
deeply supports the cultivation of Elderhood.

And you don’t even have to be of a “certain age” to join us on this remarkable journey. 
All stages of life are involved in creating the conditions for our Elder to thrive!

Like our other offerings, this program is highly experiential and is informed by
Process Work  and Soulcraft™ practices, as well as depth psychology and contemporary anti-oppression practices. It invites participants to immerse themselves in ancient and enduring earth-based ways of knowing, the poetic traditions, and initiatory rites.


FEES: For this camping program, we offer a 3-tier fee structure:  $425 • $550 • $695.   We acknowledge the challenges of economic inequity in our culture and purposely set a wide fee structure. We invite participants who have the financial means to pay on the upper end of the 3 tiers, in support of others who need to pay on the lower end. Reparation rates available for BIPOC.  Please contact us.

REGISTRATION:  [Program is full.  Please contact us if you’d like to be on the waiting list.]

LOCATION: This program takes place at a private home/retreat space on South Whidbey Island, with camping spaces available in the cedar forest nearby.  You will need a tent and sleeping bag and minimal camping equipment.  Contact us if you are not able to camp.

FOOD:  Locally sourced, fresh meals provided.  We can accomodate vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free diets. You may need to supplement for other specific food needs.  Please specify any dietary restrictions or needs when you register.

SCHEDULE: Program begins on Thursday at 10:00 am.  Check-in available starting at 9:00 am. Program ends at 1 pm on Sunday. For an extra fee ($30), you can arrive Wednesday evening to camp.  Due to the erratic nature of the ferries to our island, please allow for extra travel time.  We recommend that you do not make commitments on Sunday after the program.

CURRENT COVID PROTOCOL: We ask that participants be willing to follow the current guidelines when the program takes place. Our venue offers the possibility to hold all meetings outside.  Participants will camp in their own tents.

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Contact us for more information or to register:

(360) 320-5343    •

“When you really see the truth of things, you realize life is a net
where all forms of life are connected.
This net is the only thing that is important.
Indigenous people always feel and express gratitude
for being part of this net of life.”

~Manari Ushigua, leader of the Sápara Nation

We honor the people and Nations––past, present and future––of the Coast Salish Tribes,
including the Snohomish, the Lower Skagit, and the Swinomish Peoples,
upon whose traditional lands and shores this work takes place.