Training Program

Tending the Knowing Field:
A Soul-Infused Group Facilitation
Training Program

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with Sheila Belanger, M.A. and Anne Hayden

South Whidbey Island, Washington

…To be human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden
as a gift to others. To remember the other world in this world
is to live in your true inheritance…

                           –from the poem “What To Remember When Waking” by David Whyte

3rd Beach, GiantsThe “knowing field” is a term that describes the field of interconnectedness with all life that is not subject to time, space, nor physical laws. The term comes from systemic family constellation work.  Similar ways of describing it are the morphogenic field, universal consciousness, and the Web of Life. The knowing field is an unseen presence in all human relationships. The Tending the Knowing Field Training Program offers tangible experiential skills for cultivating conscious and reciprocal engagement with the knowing field in service to being a carrier of one’s soul gifts in the world as a group facilitator.

Tending the Knowing Field  is a nature-based program aligned with the wisdom and mysteries of the four seasons and four directions. Each session builds on foundational tools and practices (see below) to support your authentic expression of group facilitation skills and competencies.  Like our other offerings, this is a highly experiential program informed by Process Work and Soulcraft™ practices, modern depth psychology, and immersed in ancient and enduring earth-based ways of knowing, the poetic traditions, and initiatory rites.

Tending the Knowing Field is designed for people who work in some capacitySanctuary circle with groups to cultivate healing, greater wholeness, and soul depths. Participants who could benefit from this training program include therapists, coaches, group facilitators, healers, mentors, spiritual directors, shamanic practitioners, and soul guides. Participants have a readiness to embody and give out the vibrancy of their soul depths. They have successfully done enough of their own personal healing work with wounds and shadow material to allow them to be available to work in co-creation with the knowing field in service to the world. The program is not primarily designed for personal healing work (although it is often one of the benefits).

Between sessions, participants are expected to practice group facilitation skills in their own communities or professional work. As part of the program, each participant will receive three personal mentoring sessions with one of the guides.  A quarterly group conference call will also be available to support community connections and the practical applications of the work.


Winter Session: Rooting in the Knowing Field 

Spring Session: Widening the Circles of Relationship 

Summer Session: Engaging with the Whole Heart 

Autumn Session: Partnering with the Muse  

WinterIn the Winter session, Rooting in the Knowing Field, we explore the application of these foundational practices and tools:

  • Ceremonial council and the building of community
  • Conversation and relationship with nature and Mystery
  • Movement and somatic exercises
  • Diverse ways of knowing
  • The nature-based map of the psyche (Wild Mind )
  • Deep Democracy and Process Work (from Arny and Amy Mindell)
  • Rhythm, silence and song
  • Facilitator self-care and personal shadow work
  • Tracking the unseen worlds (deep imagery; process work; shamanic consciousness)

Skunk CabbageIn the Spring session, Widening the Circles of Relationship, we explore key ways to tend the relational field:

  • Cultivating human relationships with self, other and the group
  • Engaging with the more-than-human world and the ancestors
  • Personal Shadow work with inner figures
  • Consciousness– and paradigm–shifting practices
  • Co-creating reciprocal and respectful relationships
  • Trusting the mysterious intelligence of the knowing field

Colorado RainbowIn the Summer session, Engaging with the Whole Heart, we explore unique ways to facilitate with fierce compassion:

  • Tracking and stewarding an intentional arc for a program
  • Co-creating a potent group container for vulnerability and risk-taking
  • Skillful tending of un-metabolized wound material (personal and group)
  • Shadow work in a group (including projections on the facilitator)
  • Tracking and tending power dynamics
  • Cultivating skills for supporting emotional processes in the group
  • Participant self-care
  • Stewarding ethical boundaries
  • Working with the wisdom of the body

IMG_3023In the Autumn session, Partnering with the Muse, we explore the subtle dimensions of the field and the cultivation of your unique artistry as a facilitator:

  • Co-creating with your Muse and allies in the field
  • Cultivating an ongoing relationship to soul
  • Effective responses when the past wants to hijack the present
  • Engaging with the alchemy of the knowing field
  • Tracking the “dream” and rhythm of a group and its process

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PREREQUISITE: Previous participation in any of these Northwest Soulquest programs: Follow Your Longing, Foundations for Soulcraft, Seasons of the Soul, or Trust Your Nature. Alternative programs that can be used as a prerequisite are the Wild Mind Intensive or Soulcraft Intensive with Animas Valley Institute or equivalent experience. This training program is appropriate for those who have engaged with a significant number of soul-oriented processes, programs and/or inner work. Contact us to explore your background.

REGISTRATION:  Enrollment is by application.  For more information,  contact: 

SLIDING SCALE FEE:  TBA (includes lodging at retreat centers, camping permits and fees, all meals, and tuition.)  Payment plans can be arranged, but a commitment to the entire program and fee must be made. Some partial scholarships are available. Contact us for details.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll send a non-refundable deposit to hold your space.

LOCATION: The first session is held at a small private retreat center on South Whidbey Island. The remaining sessions are at campgrounds either in the woods or on the edge of the Salish Sea.  You will need a tent and sleeping bag and minimal camping equipment for the camping sessions.

FOOD:  Locally sourced, fresh meals provided. We can accommodate these dietary needs:  vegetarian, gluten free and/or dairy free.  Please specify your dietary needs when you register.

SCHEDULE:   Each of the 5-day retreat center-based programs begins on a Wednesday at 7 pm and end on a Sunday at 3 pm.    Session #4 (camping program) begins on Wednesday at 7:00 pm and ends on Sunday at 12:30 pm.

TRANSPORTATION:  The SeaTac Shuttle will take you from Sea-Tac airport near Seattle to Whidbey Island.  Contact us ( before making a reservation.

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Contact us for more information or an application:

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