with Sheila Belanger, M.A. and Anne Hayden

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Northwest Soul Quest offers retreat center based programs and back-country Vision Quests to support your longing to live a soul-rooted life. Using Soulcraft™ practices and nature-based wisdom, our experiential programs explore the landscapes of the authentic self, find guidance in the mystery embedded in the patterns and cycles of nature, and fiercely advocate for the necessity of living from the center of the soul’s imperative.

Soulcraft™ is a masterfully woven basket of contemporary nature-based practices that initiates, supports and enlivens the path to soul discovery and embodiment.  The practices themselves spring from ancient and enduring nature-based ways of knowing, modern depth psychology, the wisdom found in the poetic traditions, and wilderness rites of passage.

Immersion in a Soulcraft™-based program may elicit deep emotional and ancestral healing, but our primary focus is to evoke a deep-structure shift in each individual to embody in a mature way one’s unique essence.

The human-centered world is in deep crisis, and our cultural ways of participating in the planetary community are adversely impacting both the human and the more-than-human world.  Though healing efforts, prayer, and activism are all called for on both individual and collective levels, a radical shift in the deep structure of our human participation is the vital link that can bring about cultural transformation.

The world is in urgent need of the socially transformative contributions of actively engaged adults who have encountered and integrated their soul-deep nature and are ready to embody it as the most essential action for our troubled world.

Our programs are locally produced and guided in the Pacific Northwest.  Retreats are held on the cedar-forested island of Whidbey nestled in the Salish Sea, or in various camping areas in the North Cascade Mountains. The Vision Quests take us to Eastern Washington where the wild basalt-rimmed canyons reveal their mysterious guidance when we wander with solitude and prayer.

The locally-based aspect of our programs creates the possibility of a community of soul practitioners. Such a community can offer each other support and diversity far beyond what we as individual guides are capable of.

We recognize that the true value of any “program” is the way the participants are capable of carrying the transformation into their lives.  We are offering new incorporation programs and mentorships that support the embodiment of soul essence in the ordinary world.

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nwsoulquest@gmail.com   •   (360) 320-5343

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Soulcraft™ is a registered trademark of Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute.

All photos by Anne Hayden
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