Astrology Alchemy Podcasts with Sheila Belanger:  These are short downloadable astrology forecast podcasts with tips and inspirational poetry to support a conscious navigation of the current archetypal astrology cycles.

Wild Mind™ Slide Show Presentation with Sheila Belanger: a great overview of the Wild Mind™ material (50 minutes). This is a webinar replay (click the red tab at the right center of the screen to collapse the chat room). To access the slide show, you’ll be asked to enter your name and email address. We keep this information private and do not use it in anyway without your direct permission. For European viewers, your information will be held in accordance with GDPR requirements.

The Human Nature Project:  A collective of soul-oriented, nature-based guides.  Diverse programs to assist you in following your unique thread from the roots of your unfolding genius, to the life blood that connects people to action, to the branches and leaves that are your offering to the world.

Animas Valley Institute Animas Valley Institute offers multi-day, nature-based, experiential explorations into the mysterious wilds of soul for the purpose of discovering the unique, mythopoetic identity at the heart of each life.

Books by Bill Plotkin: We recommend these books as essential guides:
Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche
Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche Bill’s newest book helps us navigate with the innovative “Map of the Psyche.”  A foundational process for Soulcraft ™ work.
Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World.  A model of human development from birth to death, and a map for human maturation.

Family Constellations West:  Lisa Iversen, based in Bellingham, sensitively and intuitively guides individuals and groups in Ancestral Constellation work.  Author of Ancestral Blueprints.

Authentic Movement and WitnessingLynn and Lee Fuller offer exquisite opportunities in the Puget Sound area to learn and practice this soul-centric form of movement.

Aldermarsh:  On South Whidbey Island, Aldermarsh is a home and land where groups are invited to gather.  It is one of the magical places, with gardens, forest, a beautiful open meeting space, and a collective consciousness of beings dedicated to holding space for spirit-based work.

The Whidbey Institute at Chinook:  Forests and sanctuary spaces where one can engage in deep conversation and learning to imagine and create an abundant, sustainable and life-affirming future.

Rite of Passage Journeys:  A Pacific Northwest organization that mentors youth, adults, and elders through life transitions, initiating soulful leaders for the next generation. They offer a variety of programs designed for children, teens, and adults. Journeys is admired nationwide for its solid integrity and commitment to soul-work that honors deep human values and the earth.

Links to Some of our Nature-Based Soul Guide Colleagues

Peter Scanlan:                   Peter Scalan

Jade Sherer:                       Its Our Nature

Gene Dilworth:                  Wild Heart Center

Annie Bloom:                     Buffalo Dreaming Lodge